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My new favorite design style is chinoiserie.  So what is chinoiserie? It become popular in the 18th century, it was the European interruption of the Chinese style.  The style is characterized by vibrant colors, exuberant decor, lush fabrics, luxurious design, lacquered furnishings.  

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What An Interior Designer Does

Here are some hard facts.... Interior designers work quicker than the average buyer because we do design work for a living.  Imagine a plumber.  You might be able to plumb your whole house yourself, but someone who specialize in it can do it much faster.  The same rule goes for an interior designer. Interior Designer can save you money.  Yes, that is right! Home furnishing stores, tiles store, paint stores, flooring stores....the list goes on and on... give discounts to interior designer.  We buy with them weekly.  Is it a suprise that we receive a kickback?  Some designers will pass the savings onto their clients as an incentive to use them.  For example, I have a client who wants her...

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Quick Tips To Get Organized

If you are like me, you probably are constantly tidying up.  I have one of the neatest houses you will every encounter.  I am going to pass on some of my best tips. Kitchen Throw out all old mail, newspapers, postcards immediately. Clean out the fridge every time you buy new groceries. Do not collect promotional cups.   Buy matching white porcelain plates, bowls, and salad plates.  It truly makes your cabinets look more organized. Only have 5 items out on the kitchen cabinets. Throw out flatware that does not cordinate. Living Room I have a giant ottoman that I throw all my daughters toys into.  It allows for quick cleaning.  You can do this also with some cute wicker...

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