What Does Your Paint Color Say About You?

Colors can be used to wield a distinct mood for a design.  If used correctly colors are a wonderful tool of nonverbal communication to the mind.  They can invoke emotion or convey a message about personality.

Deep Red- warm, sophisticated, refined, and desire

Red- romance, energy, passion, strength, desire, and danger

Orange- adventures, excitement, warm, and energetic 

Blue - soothing, classic, intelligent, luxury, and patient

Turquoise- tranquility, relaxing, imaginative, and friendly

Green- trustworthy, lush, wisdom, wealth, and nature

Yellow- energetic, vibrant, cheerful, happy, and optimistic 

Blush- happiness, feminine, flirty, sweet, sensitive, and beauty

Bold pink- glamour, energy, happy, youthful, and affectionate

Violet- royalty, creativity, happy, ambition, luxurious, and artistic

Brown- natural, dependable, traditional, and valuable

Black- modern, power, formal, elegant, dramatic, and leadership

Grey- glamorous, sleek, intelligent, and reliable

White- pure, clean, serenity, spiritual, peaceful, and virtuous 

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