What An Interior Designer Does

Here are some hard facts....

  • Interior designers work quicker than the average buyer because we do design work for a living.  Imagine a plumber.  You might be able to plumb your whole house yourself, but someone who specialize in it can do it much faster.  The same rule goes for an interior designer.
  • Interior Designer can save you money.  Yes, that is right! Home furnishing stores, tiles store, paint stores, flooring stores....the list goes on and on... give discounts to interior designer.  We buy with them weekly.  Is it a suprise that we receive a kickback?  Some designers will pass the savings onto their clients as an incentive to use them.  For example, I have a client who wants her daughter’s bedroom designed in blue chinoiserie.  Well I was in a local fabric store the other day.  The sales lady showed me some fabric remnants for $3.  I was able to make my customer a designer pillow for a quarter of the price.
  • The ending product maybe better than what you can do on your own.  Now this statement can be dangerous. I do believe that there are plenty of people who can do AMAZING design work who don’t make it their life long career.  But, having someone who does it for a living does have its advantages. I find out about new trends before the average consumer, because of my connections to vendors. 

So what do we do?

  • We manage multiple design jobs at the same time.  After the Birmingham Home Show, I had thirty clients sign on for design work.  I have to be able to manage multiple jobs at once.
  • We cordinate fabrics, art, rugs, woods, etc. to create aestheticly pleasing space.
  • Place orders for materials and oversee the installation of the design elements
  • We keep within the budget given by the clients.  
  • We make a space more functional for the client.  It is important to hear what the clients need, and executing it to be best of our ability.  
  • Manage timeline for a project.  
  • Visit site to make sure the project is on schedule.

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