Paint What? Where? How?

Oil or Water

There are two types of paint in the world oil-based and water-based.  Oil-based paints are long-lasting.  Oil based are knows to be more durable and sometimes less expensive.  This makes it great for trim.  Oil-based can take a lot longer to dry.  Water-based paints are slightly more expensive and less durable.  You may hear them called latex paints.  Latex paints dry faster, are easier to use, and do not have strong fumes.  If you are someone who will paint your walls more often water-based is the way to go.


Sheen gives a shine to the wall, because it reflects light off the wall.  When comparing paint sheens expect to add about $1 per gallon for each notch up the gloss scale.  Therefore, flat will be the least expensive and gloss will cost about $5 more a gallon.  I find it confusing knowing what sheen of paint goes in which room.  This handy chart brings it all together in an easy to use format.  I hope it helps you as much as it helps me!

 Flat Eggshell Satin Semi-Gloss Gloss
Ceilings Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Cabinets
Master Bedroom Bedrooms Kid’s Room Doors Doors
Living Room Living Room Living Room Trim and Molding Trim and Molding
Dining Room Dining Room Dining Room Utility Room
Study Family Room Family Room
Guest Bedroom Foyer and Hall Foyer and Hall
Bathroom Bathroom
Laundry Room Laundry Room  

So now that we know the rooms that each paint sheen goes in, lets go over some useful tips about picking out paint.

  • Most interior paint jobs use eggshell or satin on walls;  and semi-gloss on trim
  • Touching up paint is easier on flat or eggshell
  • Gloss sheens are easier to clean
  • Gloss sheens will show imperfections in the walls surface

Paint Sample

  • Paint the sample about 1’x 1’
  • Always paint two coats
  • Look at the paint sample in day and night lighting
  • Paint the sample next to a window for natural light
  • Paint the sample in a dark corner

Colors of Paint

  • Pale tones- make a room feel larger and more relaxing
  • Vibrant colors- make a room feel smaller, but they do invoke emotion

More to come on colors of paint. Stay tuned! 

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