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 Valentines is right around the corner, so it is time to add a little love to your home décor.  This year I opted for a more neutral design for Valentines Day.  I love the subtle hints of Valentines décor.  The neutral palette makes the space feel more relaxing than hanging vibrant Valentines Day decorations everywhere.  

Neutral Valentines Rban Interiors.

I love adding seasonal décor in with a mix of different textures.  You will hear me mention texture a lot when I decorate.  It is a subtle way to add diversity in your decoration without adding in a lot of color or patterns.  For instance on my kitchen counters I added a straw heart leaning against a sweet sign for Valentines.  I found the sign at Target on the dollar aisle and the wreath you can buy here.



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Neutral home décor is a perfect way to decorate for Valentines.  I don't like to decorate with a lot of color.  With all the color I find it hard to relax.  A more subtle color palette is more soothing for the eyes and makes it easier for the brain to relax in the space.  When I saw these different blogs on Pinterest decorating with more of a neutral color scheme I had to share. @minakin PinterstValentines Boxwood WreathCountry Living Wreath

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I am a plant person through and through.  Topiaries in the shape of a heart is a quick and easy way to add to your décor.  Most of your local nurseries will have a variety of choices.  If you feel you don't have a green thumb opt for a boxwood wreath.  It just needs to be misted with water once a month.  They will last for a long time. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes.

Creative Co-Op Paulownia Wood Beads with Heart Pendant & Jute Tassel Garland, Cream


Adding subtle hints of Valentines throughout your home is a great way to celebrate the season without going over the top.  I have found a few seasonal items on Amazon that are perfect additions to your holiday décor.



 These neutral Amazon Valentine’s Day decorations are perfect for adding some love to your space! They are inexpensive, but add the perfect amount of Valentines décor to a space.Neutral Valentines Decor
Napa Home & Garden 6-inch Heart Shaped Preserved Boxwood Wreath with Ribbon Roll over image to zoom in       Paris Loft Wood Heart-Shaped Picture Frames|Cute Farmhouse Style Vintage Photo Frame with Wood Beads.BSIRI Tic Tac Toe Wooden Board Game Table Toy Player Room Decor Tables Family XOXO Decorative Pieces Adult Rustic Kids Play Travel Backyard Discovery Night Level Drinking Romantic Decorations Deco 79 Metal Heart Decorative Bell with Hanging Rope, Set of 3 20", 17", 12"H, Gold

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